About B Sharp | An Arts Engagement Program

In the United States, 7 million Americans have dementia, and 65,000 of those live in Colorado. This number is estimated to more than triple by 2050.

A healthy community is an inclusive community. Northern Colorado is committed to learning how to engage and create meaningful interactions for those living with dementia. This means reaching out to people with dementia and their caregivers to encourage them to take part in community events — to consciously include rather than just passively accept. 

The B Sharp program is an example of a community effort that required collaboration, communication, and a commitment to creating a dementia-friendly community.

We did a lot of hand holding and smiling during and after the performance. We made eye contact throughout the entire performance and it was like soul traveling.
I think we (caregivers) help each other be stronger. Other people sympathize, but nobody really understands until you get with other people that are living it. We have the bond of having a loved one with this horrible disease.
It’s something special, something to look forward to. The community awareness was also a big thing I think that the program did. I think it made us feel like people noticed and cared about us.